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    Simutech Systems, Inc, based in America's high-tech region known as "The Silicon Forest", near Portland Oregon, has been designing "hands-on" service training software for the Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling, and Refrigeration industry since 1990.  Simutech was founded to fulfill a need for quality computer-based training for the HVACR industry, and has since been dedicated to offering simulation software that covers nearly every area of the HVACR field.

Simutech Simulator Training Systems are recognized by the industry as the most accurate and realistic emulators of actual HVACR equipment, as well as the easiest to use.  This is the reason our simulators are used by some major HVAC equipment manufacturers for their own training courses!  Schools, unions, contractors, and facilities worldwide have found Simutech simulators to be the ideal method of providing "hands-on" service training.

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