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SIMUPUMP TM  simulates a generic residential and light-commercial type air-to-air split-system heat pump, using either R-22 or R-410A refrigerant. The trainee may select heating, cooling, or emergency heat modes. Indoor and outdoor temperatures, room and outdoor thermostats, defrost frequency, and heatloss are all adjustable. Up to 40 different mechanical and electrical faults may be inserted into the simulator. The first 20 faults are shown below.

Fault List

Additional Faults >

SIMUPUMP simulates both R-22 and R-410A refrigerants. Provides easy-to-use "point-and-click" selection of components, meters, and test points. Temperatures may be displayed in either °F or °C, and pressures in either imperial (psig) or SI/metric (kPa/barg). For troubleshooting, the following on-screen test instruments and charts are included in the simulator:

SIMUPUMP provides testing and troubleshooting of components and devices commonly found in actual heat pump systems, including the following:

Compressor Condenser coil Evaporator coil
Accumulator Thermostatic expansion valve Check valve
Filter-drier Air filter Outdoor fan motor
Indoor fan motor Reversing valve Compressor contactor
Indoor fan relay Defrost relay Heater relay
Reversing valve solenoid Transformer Defrost timer
Auxiliary heater element Crankcase heater Run capacitor
Fan motor capacitor Room thermostat Heat thermostat
Outdoor thermostat Defrost thermostat Emergency heat switch
Fan & limit switches Fused link Circuit breaker


SIMUPUMP requires the following minimum computer system to operate: Network Use
The network version of SIMUPUMP is compatible with Novell, and Windows NT, 2000, Server 2003, and Server 2008 operating systems


   Windows Version 5.4, stand-alone computer version, single license:  MP-500
   Additional stand-alone computer licenses:  MP-510
   Windows Network Version 5.4, 25-user (seat) license:  MP-560
   Windows Network Version 5.4, 50-user (seat) license:  MP-570
   Instructor Interface, Windows Version 5.1:  TP-500

   Price Information:  See Price List
   Upgrade Information:  See DOS-to-Windows Upgrade   Windows 5.4 Upgrade
   How to place your order:  See Product Ordering


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