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SIMUMKT TM  simulates a typical parallel-type multi-evaporator supermarket refrigeration system. Normally, a parallel system contains many display cases and walk-in coolers, but for simplicity, SIMUMKT contains just three display cases. One case is low-temperature with electric defrost, the others are medium-temperature with off-cycle defrost. Two 3-phase semi-hermetic compressors, with capacity cycling, are included.

Six common refrigerants may be selected for the simulated system. An on-screen temperature/pressure chart is available for each refrigerant.  The selectable refrigerants include:

Animated mechanical and electrical schematic diagrams of the simulated refrigeration system are provided in "real-time". The mechanical diagrams show refrigerant flow and the liquid, vapor, liquid/vapor, and superheated vapor states of the refrigerant. Also, the liquid level in the receiver is shown. In the electrical ladder diagrams, the controls and switch contacts constantly change state as the system operates. Providing a means of visually tracing the refrigerant and current flow during system operation, makes it much easier for the trainee to understand how the system is supposed to work.

Up to 30 commonly encountered mechanical and electrical faults may be selected, as shown in the Fault Lists below.

Fault List #1  Fault List #2

Setpoints for the EPR valves and TXVs can be adjusted for each case, as well as the compressor-cycling control and defrost settings. Case and ambient temperatures are adjustable, and continuously updated and displayed on the screen. All temperature and pressure values can be set and displayed in either imperial or metric.

Pressure-temperature charts for the refrigerants, specifications, and an electrical nomenclature are available on-screen. In addition, the trainee can "zoom" into the system to visually inspect various components, including dirty or iced-up coils, and liquid and compressor oil level sight glasses.

SIMUMKT provides easy-to-use "point-and-click" selection of meters and test points, which are saved to an Instrument Log to monitor the users' troubleshooting skill. Temperatures may be displayed in either Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C), and pressures may be displayed in either imperial (psig) or metric (kPa/barg). The on-screen test instruments include:

SIMUMKT provides testing and troubleshooting of components and devices commonly found in actual supermarket refrigeration systems, including the following:

Compressor (semi-hermetic) Condenser coil Evaporator coil
Liquid reservoir Oil reservoir Oil separator
Oil level regulator Head pressure regulator valves Thermostatic expansion valve
EPR valve Compressor motor (3-phase) Condenser fan motor
Evaporator fan motor Motor contactor Defrost timer unit
Motor starter Defrost heater and limit switch Defrost thermostat
Compressor-cycling switch High-pressure switch Oil pressure switch


The following minimum computer system is required:

The network version is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, and Server 2016 operating systems.

Tablets (including iPads®) and other mobile devices may be used from a server configured for remote-access with remote desktop protocol (RDP).


   Windows Stand-alone Computer Version 5.3, single license:  MS-500
   Additional stand-alone computer licenses:  MS-510
   Windows Network Version 5.3, 10-user (seat) license:  MS-540
   Windows Network Version 5.3, 25-user (seat) license:  MS-560
   Windows Network Version 5.3, 50-user (seat) license:  MS-570
   Instructor Interface, Windows Version 5.1:  TS-500

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   Upgrade Information:  See DOS-to-Windows Upgrade   Windows 5.3 Upgrade

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