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SIMUGEO TM  simulates a generic water-to-air geothermal heat pump (GHP) that uses R-410A refrigerant. Both closed-loop and open-loop ground-source installations can be simulated, including vertical and horizontal ground loops, and a water well system. SIMUGEO also has a desuperheater for a domestic hot water loop, and an electric auxiliary heat unit An ECM blower and a two-stage scroll compressor are simulated. Up to 40 different mechanical and electrical faults may be inserted into the simulator, as shown in the Fault Lists below.

Fault List #1  Fault List #2

SIMUGEO provides easy-to-use "point-and-click" selection of components, meters, and test points. Temperatures may be displayed in either °F or °C, and pressures in either imperial (psig) or SI/metric (kPa/barg). For troubleshooting, the following on-screen test instruments and charts are included in the simulator:

SIMUGEO provides testing and troubleshooting of components and devices commonly found in actual geothermal heat pump systems, including the following:

Compressor Evaporator coil Heat exchanger
TXV valve Filter-drier Air filter
Circulation pump ECM Motor Reversing valve
Compressor contactor Compressor control module Blower control module
Emergency heat relay Reversing valve solenoid Compressor solenoid
Water-flow solenoid Low-pressure switch High-pressure switch
Freeze-protection sensor Run capacitor Thermistor
Auxiliary heater element Room thermostat (3-stage) Auxiliary heat sequencer
Desuperheater pump Desuperheater module Transformer


The following minimum computer system is required:

The network version is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, and Server 2016 operating systems.

Tablets (including iPads®) and other mobile devices may be used from a server configured for remote-access with remote desktop protocol (RDP).


   Windows Standalone Computer Version 1.0, single license:  MG-500
   Additional standalone computer licenses:  MG-510
   Windows Network Version 1.0, 10-user (seat) license:  MG-540
   Windows Network Version 1.0, 25-user (seat) license:  MG-560
   Windows Network Version 1.0, 50-user (seat) license:  MG-570

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