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SIMUGAS TM  is a gas furnace simulator and troubleshooting training system, designed for HVAC students and service technicians. The simulator is an invaluable tool for teaching students the basics of gas furnace operation and troubleshooting, as well as improving the service skills of experienced technicians.

SIMUGAS simulates two generic versions of gas furnaces that a service technician would commonly encounter in the field. They include a high-efficiency condensing furnace, using hot-surface ignition (HSI), and a standard-efficiency furnace, using standing pilot ignition. Indoor and outdoor temperatures, room thermostat, burner air-shutters, fan limit, high limit, heat anticipator, and manifold pressure are all adjustable. Up to 30 different mechanical and electrical faults may be inserted into the simulator, as shown in the Fault Lists below.

Fault List #1  Fault List #2

SIMUGAS provides "point-and-click" selection of meters and test points, and display of temperatures and pressures in either imperial or metric. For troubleshooting the simulator, the following on-screen test instruments are included:

SIMUGAS provides testing and troubleshooting of components and devices commonly found in gas furnaces, including the following:

Primary heat exchanger Secondary heat exchanger Combustion chamber
Burners Gas valve Pilot burner
Thermocouple Blower and vent blower motors Control transformer
Blower and heat relays Gas control valve Hot-surface ignitor element
Hot-surface ignition module Gas control coil Flame sensor
Run capacitor Room thermostat High-limit switch
Vent pressure switch Rollout switch Circuit breaker

An on-screen combustion analyzer displays the following values:


The following minimum computer system is required:

The network version is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, and Server 2016 operating systems.

Tablets (including iPads®) and other mobile devices may be used from a server configured for remote-access with remote desktop protocol (RDP).


   Windows Version 5.2, stand-alone computer version, single license:  MF-500
   Additional stand-alone computer licenses:  MF-510
   Windows Network Version 5.2, 10-user (seat) license:  MF-540
   Windows Network Version 5.2, 25-user (seat) license:  MF-560
   Windows Network Version 5.2, 50-user (seat) license:  MF-570
   Instructor Interface, Windows Version 5.1:  TF-500

   Price List

   How to place your order:  See Product Ordering

   Upgrade Information:  See DOS-To-Windows Upgrade    Windows 5.2 Upgrade

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