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Simutech --- the leader in "hands-on" HVACR training software, offers a wide array of simulators that cover nearly every area of the industry. Simutech Simulator Training Systems are used extensively by vocational schools, colleges, trade unions, contractors, and facilities worldwide to provide realistic "hands-on" HVAC and refrigeration service training. All levels of users, from the entry-level student to the seasoned technician, will benefit by using Simutech simulators! Computer simulation software provides "hands-on" training at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining mechanical HVACR equipment and their required facilities! Besides the cost savings, computer-based training has been proven to greatly enhance the retention level and interest of trainees.

Simulators are invaluable tools in teaching students the basics of HVACR equipment operation and troubleshooting, as well as improving the service skills of experienced technicians.  By using computerized fault-insertion and built-in test equipment, the trainee can quickly learn the operating characteristics and methods of troubleshooting and repairing faults commonly encountered in the field. Simulators are also ideal for testing the knowledge and service skills of prospective employees.

Simutech simulators meet the accreditation standards of PAHRA (Partnership for Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Accreditation) and HVAC Excellence. Also, they are ideal study-tools for NATE and ICE Certification.

You'll find Simutech simulators are easy to use -- even for first-time computer users!  The software runs on any standard IBM-compatible PC using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (32 and 64-bit), and on any server using Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, or Server 2016 operating system.


Some important features of Simutech simulators:

Electrical Diagram (SIMUAIR)
Fault List
Diagnostics Chart
Repair Log
Instrument Log
Service Order


An Instructor Interface is a stand-alone program for use in a training environment that's utilizing multiple stand-alone computers. This program, which is generally installed on the instructor's computer, makes fault selection and report retrieval easier for the instructor. These interfaces are not compatible with our network version simulators.

Faults for the simulator's users may be preselected by the instructor by going to each workstation and manually picking the faults from an on-screen fault list. However, an easier and faster method is simply for the instructor to use the Instructor Interface to select faults for all the workstations at one time. The faults are then quickly uploaded (transferred) to each workstation, using a disk or flash drive.

The simulators generate Repair Logs and other reports that can be viewed or printed by the instructor at each workstation. However, if the Instructor Interface is available, these reports may be easily downloaded to a disk or flash drive from each workstation, then uploaded to the instructor's computer. The instructor may then view or print reports for each workstations' users. The Instructor Interface is ideal if a printer isn't available at each workstation!

An Instructor Interface is available for each simulator. They are not interchangeable or for use with our network versions. The interfaces are strongly recommended if six or more stand-alone computers are being utilized.

Hardware Requirements

The Instructor Interfaces require the following minimum computer system to operate:

Ordering Information

   Price Information:  See Price List
   How to place your order:  See Product Ordering


The simulators are available in either standalone computer versions or network versions. Please note the proper Part Number when ordering.

Standalone Computer Versions
These versions are available with either a single license, which allows installation and use of one simulator on one computer, or multiple licenses, which allows the simulator to be installed on more than one computer at the same campus or training facility. One license is required per computer, which must be under the direct control of the software licensee.

Network Versions
The Network versions are licensed for installation on one local-area network (LAN), at one campus or training facility only. They may also be installed on a wide-area network (WAN) or on a server configured for remote-access, using remote desktop protocol (RDP). The license limits concurrent use by the maximum users or seats purchased. WAN and RDP requires our USB hardware key ("dongle"), and adequate security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the software.

Cloud-based Licenses
Simutech can provide our simulators as a cloud-based service. This enables users to access our simulators remotely from any computer, tablet (including iPads), or other compatible mobile device. The network versions are required. For cost, please contact Simutech Sales Dept by E-mail, or by phone at 800-648-6209 or 503-649-9076.


All Simutech simulation software applications normally require an electronic USB hardware key ("dongle") in order to operate.

Standalone Computer Versions
One USB hardware key is supplied for each licensed standalone computer. The key plugs into any USB port and allows all simulators that are installed on that computer to operate.

Network Versions installed on a physical server
One USB hardware key is supplied for your Windows-based server. This key will enable the maximum number of licensed user-clients (seats) to simultaneously access each simulator that's installed on the server. Keys are available for 10, 25, 50, and 99 user (seats) networks.

Network Versions installed on a virtual server
The hardware key may be connected to a different server than the application server (such as a "license server"), or it may be connected to a network USB hub, as long as they are on the same network. If these devices are not available, please contact Technical Support for a solution.

Reprogrammed Keys
If an additional simulator is purchased at a later date, the key will automatically be reprogrammed to enable the new simulator to operate.

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